Unique Baby Gifts for the Mother and Little One

Some baby gifts are so special, they can be shared by both mother and baby. There are some unique baby gifts that do just that, and will be enjoyed for many years to come by the little one, as well as the parents.

Baby to bride bracelets

These beautiful treasures come in a framed box with a poem, and underneath the poem is baby’s name. The bracelet itself is made from sterling silver and pearls, and is to be saved for the wedding day of the baby. When the baby becomes a bride, this bracelet has just become the old heirloom she needs for her wedding day. This bracelet is a truly one-of-a kind gift that will have everyone talking.

A Mother’s Message

This beautiful keepsake was developed as a way to keep a dear and sincere message safe for your child to read when he or she grows up. This set includes a scroll for the mom to write something special on about their child, and a small but soft bottle to keep the message in, also filled with sand. The whole set is packaged with a bow and a tag on the bottle. This gift is and also one that can easily be crafted on your own.

My First Sofa

This fun little teddy bear, cat, or rabbit sits almost two feet tall, and acts as a little mini-sofa for your baby. My First Sofa will make a great gift, as it can be for a boy or girl, and complements any nursery colors. It is lightweight yet sturdy enough to support any little bundle of joy. A unique baby gift for any occasion. Baby gifts are fun to buy, and even more exciting to give.

These unique baby gifts will be appreciated greatly by the recipients.