Unique Baby Gifts for the Baby Boy

Baby boys are so much fun to buy for. There are many unique baby gifts available it may be hard to choose just what to get.

Motorcycle Rocker Baby Gift

For the little biker baby comes the Motorcycle Rocker. This adorable motorcycle rocker makes realistic motorcycle sounds, has mirrors, reflector lights and lots of detail to make baby feel like they are really riding. This unique yet classic baby toy will be an instant hit for any baby, and offer years of riding fun.

Little Slugger Double Treasure Box

Get this adorable little treasure box that will be kept for years with baby’s first tooth and haircut inside it. Made especially for boys, a baseball mitt holds the first curl from baby’s head, and a baseball bat is there to hold the first tooth. Parents will love to have a decorative way to display their baby’s firsts.

Baby's First Baseball

This personalized baseball will be baby’s first, and become a timeless treasure for years to come. It can be engraved with baby’s name, right under the imprint of Rookie of the Year. Also included on this cute little ball are the words Most Valuable Parent, and hometown and date for the baby’s birthplace and birthday. This is definitely a unique gift for the baby boy in your life.

Rumblies Danny Dump Truck

This cute dump truck is made with soft material and feels more like a pillow than anything. Motion activated lights will blink and the wheels on the truck click when the truck is rolled. The box lifts and dumps and baby will love how colorful this unique little toy is.