Feeding Solutions for Unique Baby Gifts

There are many unique baby gifts that can be purchased or help at meal time. Baby and parents will love the fun gifts that can be used to make meal time fun and exciting.

Hands-Free Baby Bottles

This very unique present for baby is a hands free bottle that attaches to a pacifier, which your baby can drink straight from. The nipple of the pacifier stays full, with no leaks and much less air bubbles than standard baby bottles. A great present for twins, triplets and multiple babies who need multiple feedings at all times of the day and night. The hands-free baby bottle is a new and unique idea for any baby and a life saver for the parents. The nipple is a standard feeding nipple and only resembles a pacifier.

Baby Bottle and Food Warmer

A perfect gift for both parents and baby, a baby bottle warmer and food warmer can be the thing to choose. The unique quality about this baby food warmer is that it does not need batteries or electricity—it runs from flexing a metal disk on it, keeping the warmer warm for over one hour. In less than 10 minutes, bottles will be the perfect temperature. Small containers of baby food can also be used with a baby food warmer to heat them up. These packs can also be used when your baby is done with bottles by using them as heat packs. A great present for the baby on your list.

Fresh Baby Food Trays

Fresh Baby Food Trays are specially designed trays that freeze baby food or breast milk. Each tray comes with a cover, and all you need to do is pour in expressed breast milk or pureed baby food, cover and freeze. You will then have 12 pre-portioned, one ounce servings of baby food or milk. With the lids, Baby Food trays can be easily stacked for convenient storage. These trays are also made from FDA approved food safe plastic.