Bath Time for Baby-Unique Baby Gifts that Make a Splash

What better way to give unique baby gifts then to give a fun toy for the water. Bath time can be a baby’s best friend, and having some fun and exciting new toys can make it an even better adventure.

Let your little one take a car ride with a floating car-wash tub toy. Babies can scoop, pour, scoop and strain water through different activities. Spinners actually spin so cars can get squeaky clean along with your little one.

Try foam stickers and figure sets in the tub for a fun cleaning experience for your baby. These types of bath sets will come with lots of foam stickers that will float or stick on the wall, and figures that your little one can play with. They’re also good for them to start learning their ABCs and 123s.

For the fisherman in your family, try a fishing pole set with floating fish in the bathtub. These sets usually have a fishing pole, bait, and tons of foam fish. Also included in a lot of sets are letters and numbers, which stick to the wall and tiles of the tub, along with the fish. Your baby will love fishing for the catch of the day with this fun bath toy.