Birthday Ideas for Unique Baby Gifts

Looking for unique baby gifts for an upcoming birthday? There are many things to choose from, but picking one that stands out will help make a birthday special and memorable.

For the spiritual family in your life, give the gift of a blue or pink receiving blanket. Make it unique by buying one with the words: For this child, I have prayed. Parents will appreciate the thoughtful words, and the child will have a cuddly blanket to love for years to come.

Another unique baby gift is a beautiful rocking-horse globe, one that plays music and spins sparkling snow when shaken. Listen to a relaxing melody of Rock-a-Bye-Baby while the little one drifts off to sleep. Many can be personalized with baby’s name and date of birth, and make a wonderful decoration in any nursery.

A cute and special birthday present for a baby can be their very own piggy bank. These come in all shapes and sizes, and can be a great way to help a child learn the value of money from an early age. For an added touch, find one with the child’s name on it, or splurge and have it engraved. Just be sure to put some money in it first for good luck, and help the child expand his savings.

If the baby in question wears jewelry, then a gift of such will be appreciated by all. If the baby has pierced ears, a small gift of earrings will be loved-just be sure to check with the parents first to see if there are any metal allergies. A delicate necklace or bracelet is always appreciated for the baby girl having the birthday, and is one that she will always treasure. Always make sure that the jewelry you do pick is child-safe.