Three Unique Baby Gifts Parents will Love

When you want to find unique baby gifts for a new baby or for a baby shower, check out the Bumbo Seat. This seat allows an infant baby to sit up with support and comfort, while being able to look around at the activity around them. A Bumbo Seat helps take the pressure off of a baby’s hips and spine by keeping them more upright than an infant carrier or a baby car seat would normally allow. This type of seat is recommended by many doctors, and makes a very good present that babies and parents alike will love.

If you have the money, and you know the mother will appreciate it, the gift of a postpartum doula can be one of the most unique baby gifts ever thought of. A doula’s role is to help the new mother by providing physical and emotional support, and can help with breastfeeding, bathing, soothing and feeding the baby. Many doulas even help out with running errands and small household chores, freeing up time for the mother that is better spent on the baby. This type of help can really be appreciated by a new mother.

Another very unique but much appreciated baby gift would be to hire a maid service for the mother right after the baby is born. Whether you hire the services of a maid for just a day or a few, Mom and baby will be happy with the extra time spent together instead of cleaning. For an added touch, throw in a carpet scrubbing service to get Mom’s home sparkling from floor to ceiling.