Baby’s Firsts - Unique Baby Gifts

FPerhaps one of the most important kinds of baby presents to give is the kind that preserves the child’s precious firsts. For unique baby gifts, look no further than the gift of a moment in time, with presents that hold on to baby’s firsts.

Handprints and Footprints

When a baby starts to grow up, it is hard for many parents to imagine just how small they used to be. That is where the gift of a baby hand printing kit can be the perfect present. Coming in many shapes and variations, baby hand printing kits come with ink that is permanent on paper, yet washes easily off of a baby’s hand. Just apply to the little one, press on the paper, and voila. You have a permanent reminder of your baby’s perfect little hand. These kits are also available for footprints as well.

Locks Box

GThe first haircut is always a memorable event for any new parent and their baby. That’s why it is important to keep that treasured piece of baby hair safe so that it can be memorialized in time. Treasure boxes are a unique baby gift that can be given to parents to keep the baby’s first cut curl in, so that they’ll always remember the texture and feel of their baby’s beautiful locks.

Umbilical Cord and/or Stump Box

While not for everyone, a treasure box for the safe keeping of a baby’s stump and/or their umbilical cord can be a rather unique gift to give a new parent. Many people save these two items as a reminder of the joining of the mom and baby, and if they do, they will need a special place to put it. An engraved or ornamental treasure box can be just the right place for it, and can make a great gift, as well.