Go Green with These Unique Baby Gifts

It’s all the rage now to go green, that is to be environmentally responsible. There are also many ways to give unique baby gifts that are green, whether it is clothing, toys or food.

If you are giving a baby gift to a mom who loves the environment, then you may want to check and see if she is going to use cloth diapers. If so, then the gift of these can be an excellent choice. However, you can also buy disposable diapers that are environmentally friendly, as they can be flushed down the toilet or tossed out in the trash because they are plastic-free and will decompose. Wet diapers can be thrown in the garden compost, and will break down in 50 to 150 days. You can also give the gift of cloth wipes, which greatly cuts down on waste. If you choose to buy disposable wipes, many Internet companies sell them that are chlorine-free or biodegradable.

For a very unique baby gift, give an all organic crib mattress. These mattresses can be found online and are made without synthetic fibers, meaning that it’s an all-natural, healthy bed. Organically grown wool is the standard for these crib mattresses, and organic bedding can be bought to go along with it. Baby will sleep better and Mom will sleep easier when the surroundings are free of the pesticides used to grow standard cotton. Organic bedding and mattresses will be a very unusual but appreciated gift.

Clothing for the baby is another organic product that can be easily found. Onesies, socks, pants, diaper covers, and even shoes can be found for newborns to toddlers and up. Many Internet companies specialize in organic clothing for babies, so it will be easy to find that special and unique present online.