Unique Baby Gifts for Every Holiday

No matter the holiday, there are plenty of unique baby gifts that can be found to buy. You’ll be a hit with every baby and their parents with your choice of unique gifts.

Growth Toys

This unique baby gift set includes a cashmere soft pillow that has an attached growth chart that is marked off at 25 inches and goes up to 60 inches. The pillow and chart are available in puppy, duck, or bunny shapes. They can both be personalized with the baby’s first name. This wonderful gift is perfect for both parent and baby, as in between growth checks, the baby can cuddle the soft and lovable pillow animal.

Personalized Keepsake Dolls

For a beautiful present, give the gift of a personalized doll. These unique dolls, called My Baby Forever, are custom made to reflect the exact length of your baby at birth, with 13 half sizes from 17” to 23” available. Your doll will be the length of your own baby at birth, and embroidered with their name, length, weight and birthday. These dolls come available in both blue and pink threading. This is an amazing gift for any baby, as not only can they play with it as a baby, but also dress it up in their own newborn clothes when they get older. My Baby Forever dolls are machine washable and extremely durable, and make a spectacular gift choice.

Baby Clocks

The gift of time would be the all-time perfect gift. Come close to that by giving a baby nursery clock, with designs made to suit boy or girl babies. Baby clocks are made so you know what time it is during those late-night feedings, or afternoon naps. Many clocks come personalized, some play lullabies, some even have a nightlight. A beautiful desk or wall clock is a great gift to give to any mom and her baby, and can be found online or in many different stores to match any type of nursery décor that you have chosen for your little one.