Educational and Unique Baby Gifts

Unique baby gifts can be found in many toys, but what better way to give a gift than to make it educational as well. Not only will baby love the gift, but the parents will, too.

Musical Toys

Toys that make music are always a fun idea when you are looking for something educational. Xylophones, cymbals, drums, flutes, and baby guitars are fun for infants to try and make music on, and learn early on to have an appreciation of music.


It may not sound like it, but balls can provide hours worth of fun for newborns and small infants. They are fun, easy to hold, and great to toss. You can sit for a long time pushing a ball back and forth between and infant and yourself, and never get bored at the giggles of delight. Some make music, some squeak, and some just roll. Whichever you choose the baby will enjoy it.

Music Cubes

Music cubes are boxes that are meant for very small babies, and small hands. When played with, babies will receive hours of endless tunes, sounds, squeaks and rattles. Many music cubes play childhood favorite songs, which will delight and amuse an infant to no end. Music cubes may also help baby’s development by offering an assortment of shapes and textures to handle.

Rocking Horses

All children love rocking horses and nowadays you can find them for even very young infants. Whether it’s the traditional horse, a giraffe, or even a monkey rocking horse, this is a great gift for either girl or boy baby. Make sure the one you buy is soft and complies with all safety regulations, and is age appropriate for the child.