Shopping for Unique Baby Gifts

Finding unique baby gifts can be easy when you know where to look. Online is one of the best places to find baby ideas for the new parent. There are many fun and exciting baby gifts that will be a hit no matter what.

Pacifiers can be a baby’s and mother’s best friend. However, most moms know how frustrating it can be when they fall from your little ones mouth to the dirty floor, or worse bounce away unseen. The solution to that are binkie bungees. These binkie holders are straps that attach to both the end of a pacifier to your child’s shirt. They are perfect for little ones to use, yet not long enough to pose a safety hazard. These can be found in many varieties, from plain to animal prints to even beaded, and are a great present for any baby who loves their binkie.

Need a unique baby gift for the mom with a sense of humor, or a fun-loving baby shower crowd? Snatch up some personalized votive holders. You can choose from many different options- have them personalized with the parent’s or the baby’s name, or the date that you wish to commemorate. You don’t have to buy them just for a shower- order them after baby comes with the birth date engraved for a very unique gift indeed.

The perfect gift for the woman who loves candles choose a “Bun in the Oven” scented candle set as a baby shower favor or as a gift idea. The gift box is a cardboard stove, and a honey bun candle sits inside. The stove reads “Bun in the Oven” across the top, and is a beautiful gift for the mother to remember her pregnancy days with.